Ride Report: 08.28.12

I was a little pressed for time last night, but managed to get out for some laps around the neighborhood on the X bike.  As the session progressed, it hit me just how comfortable the bike was feeling.  I’ve mentally toyed with the idea of swapping the aluminum NB frame for a Crosscheck, but I really wonder whether I’d be gaining anything.

The 32c tires give a good ride, and I’ve fit 42’s on both the front and back, which is the max for the CC.  The Brooks Champion Flyer is feeling darn near perfect for shape and softness, and I can feel the springs doing their job.  Finally, the fact that it is a 58cm frame with a short 56cm top tube works out great for my not having to stretch out too far.  I’m already using a short stem and the only improvement I could think of might be a pair of shallow reach/drop Woodchipper style bars; but I’d have to try them first.

I should also mention that this bike has an 8 speed drive train, which seems to shift easier than the LHT’s 9 speed, without any noticeable difference in the gear range.

Bottom line is that this bike was pretty comfortable last night.  I think I need to take it out on a longer day ride.  It felt so good that I deviated from my plan of laps and took to a couple of other streets in the area, bombing down hills and blasting back up (as best as my knees could handle it.)

Oh, and for about a 1/2 hour at dusk I decided to put the Supernova Airstream on flash, just to see if I couldn’t have any of the neighborhood dogs go into seizures.  I’m such a cad.

Distance: 11. 7 miles  2012: 775.7


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