Ride Report: 08.25.12

A beautiful morning deserves a beautiful ride, and the weather forecast kept informing me that this one was coming.  Wanting to get out for a little longer jaunt, as well as test the GPS on a longer route, I opted to cruise out to the Latimore Campground.

Wonderful ride, even including the few hills at the start.  Once there I decided to read a chapter or two from the Nook and enjoy a few bananas.

The ride back was just as nice.  Passed a few roadies, and I think they were suspicious of my smile.

As for the Garmin, all worked reasonably well, but there are some hiccups that occur at odd road features: intersections where the main road turns off at an angle but the side road actually goes straight; and once where there was a parallel road to the one I was on.  All interesting stuff that I am making notes of for my draft page on programming GPS’ for biking.  (Coming soon!)

Misc. Miles: 2

Distance: 36.6 miles  2012: 764.0


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