Ride Report: 08.21.12

I’m back to riding my Yellow Breeches route again for testing different uploads with the Garmin.  Last night I used two different route types with two settings each.  My first attempt involved using just what are called “cue points”.  Basically, all it loads are turn instructions, but then I put in some additional ones to keep it on route where there are some turns or intersections that would normally trip it up.  It worked good, but then I switched to “off road”, which wasn’t so great because it then just “connects the dots” without the magenta line staying on the roads.  When I went back to “follow roads”, it started throwing out some shortcuts.  I wonder if the transition messed things up since I had it calculating the route from a mid-point rather than the beginning?  Next I tried a previously loaded route that had some extra waypoints added.  It looked good, especially in “follow roads” mode, until I got to one point where the unit had the right road highlighted, but was trying to send me to the next road down, which was also highlighted.  When I took the original road, there was no error message and I just kept going without an issue.  Still, if I didn’t know the roads, this could be a problem.

I should mention that almost all of these issues would be pretty much minor as long as I print out and carry a cue sheet.  Playing around later, I ran the route through .tcx converter before gpsbabel, and then had it show me the result.  It looks promising on the map; I’ll probably try it out Thursday.

I should also mention that it was a beautiful ride.  The temps dipped to about 65F with no breeze – perfect for shorts and a T shirt.  I pushed a little harder than I should have – I can feel it in my thighs this morning.

My latest reading accomplishment was “Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage.”  This true story has intrigued me ever since I read about Amudsen and Scott years ago in “The Last Place on Earth.”  I’ll just say that it is enthralling and a testament to toughness: physical and mental.  It’s one thing to be strong, completely another to be tough.  Shackleton was one tough guy.  A fantastic read.

In other news, a shout out to the two very fully loaded tourists I spotted at the corner of Front and Forster this morning around 8:00, trying to get across rush hour traffic.  I’m guessing you’re headed down the S route.  Good luck when you get to Reeser’s Summit!

Distance: 17.7 miles  2012: 705.7


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