Ride Report: 08.19.12

There was a lot of weekend stuff to do, including the never ending process of mowing the grass; but I did manage to get out for a nice ride last evening.  I just finished: On My Own Two Wheels: Back in the Saddle at Age 60, so I was intent on “Tootling.”  (You need to read the book, but it’s not hard to guess.)

Anyway, there were familiar roads, but not a typical route, and I went backwards on a lot of the roads from my normal travels.  The evening air is a bit cooler, and I half wish that I’d stayed out longer.  I’ve noticed that a lot of the back roads around our area have been repaved, and not all of them are chip/seal.  There was one stretch along Pinetown Road that was pure heaven on wheels: super smooth, near level with some windy turns, farm fields on both sides with deer munching away right on the edge of the woods.  I had an older fawn sprint along next to me until eventually crossing the road into the woods not far in front.  Nice ride.

On My Own Two Wheels  is a better read than I expected.  If the author’s name doesn’t give it away, he’s Irish.  So there is a certain dryness to his prose that manages to hide some really great insight into the whole idea of cycling for pleasure.  There are some witticisms that take about 10 seconds to process, many times about roadies or life in general; but more enjoying are his philosophic observations about cycling.  How, when, and most important; why.

He’s a commuter, a tourist, and a camper.  He’s also an unracer, and very clear about that; but still a little conflicted at the aspect of pushing oneself.  I think I would really like spending a weekend bike/camping outing with this guy.  I got the sense that he took Grant Petersen’s Ride, and wrote a practical application primer.  (Although I think he wrote this first.)

Highly recommended.  Quick and enjoyable.  $6.00 Nookbook.

Distance: 16.6 miles  2012: 688.0


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