Given the mileage this last week, I was rather pleased that I came through with only some minor irritation and saddle sores.  I believe it can be attributed to wearing thinner padding, an outer layer of thin fabric that allowed better air flow and drying out faster, and more diligence with applying lotion and vaseline at appropriate intervals. 

Still, there is always room for improvement, and I ended up schlepping around various biking sites to see what others were recommending.  One of those sites was Lovely Bicycle, where she has a good overview of several offerings.

Low and behold, that evening I’m walking through the grocery store when I spy the Boudreux’s Butt Paste.  She seemed intrigued by this product, but non-committal.  After all, it’s not really cycling-specific.  Given that it was on the shelf right in front of me, not too expensive, and all I had to do was drop it in the cart, I now have a tube.

I’ve used it twice now, for shorter rides, and my initial impressions are favorable.  I like the thicker consistency and that it washes off my fingers easily after applying.  The medicants in it also helped to relieve some itching/roughness that remained from last week.

More to follow.


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