Ride Report: 08.04.12

I think I finally have the Garmin sorted out and configured the way I want it.  It took quite a few trial and error runs and spending time studying various web sites to learn the difference between track points, way points, route points, etc…  While I don’t know how to write code in .gpx, I at least know what it is.

All I’m going to say is that I think how you set up a Garmin depends on how you intend to use it.  For instance, I doubt a randonneur would like how I have things, but for touring and generally following routes for touring…

So this morning was another venture out Lisburn Road to see if my fixes worked at specific points where anomalies had appeared before, and there was great success.  The tour next week will be a good way to confirm things on longer routes, but I’m optimistic.

Another appealing feature of this route is my reading bench.  I’d give you the gps coordinates, but I don’t want anyone else monopolizing my spot on Saturday mornings:On the way home I noticed this new traffic control device.  You better stop, or else.Misc. Miles: 1.9

Distance: 19.2  2012: 503.9


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