Ride Report: 07.30.12

‘took another cruise out Lisburn Road to test/play with the GPS and file loading.  I had it in “Follow Road” mode this time, so in addition to not having any weird directions pop up, it was also giving me road name prompts.  The downside is that it is also providing prompts whenever it comes up on one of fifty “route points” that are used to keep it on track.  I’ll continue to work on it, but it is getting better via trial and error.  At some point, I plan to put up a page for programming the unit for touring.

I also managed to pick up a 1″nail for a decisive flat.

These “no tools required” Paselas are a dream.  My spare tube held nicely for the rest of the ride, but I noticed the next morning that the old patch had lost a lot of air.  I picked up two new tubes at PP over lunch, and came home last night to find two new tubes in the parts bin.  I guess you can’t be too prepared.  Now I’ll be carrying a fresh spare in addition to a fresh tube on the rim.

Distance: 19.3 miles  2012: 482.8


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