Ride Report: 07.28.12

Took the usual Saturday morning cruise out to the Yellow Breeches.  Stopped for 20 minutes and read the Nook.  Currently working through The Three Musketeers.  It takes a chapter or two to adjust to the writing style, but then it becomes a fun read.  One has to remember that the book was written in a different era.

I’m still experimenting with the Garmin.  Through using three seperate software programs to filter it, I’m taking what are called “tracks” and turning them into “routes.”  The tracks have greater accuracy, but they don’t include actual road names with the prompts…but I’m working on that. 

I had been loading Routes exclusively, but there aren’t any ‘waypoints’, so slight turns and/or two roads running parallel close to each other can bungle up the works.  Plus I kept getting these crazy U-turn instructions.

My next experiment involves running the current files in “follow roads” mode to see if it will now give me road name prompts.

Instead of riding, the fam went over to Pinchot last night for a brisk hike.  My knees had been bothering me, and somehow the walking helped.  Played with the Garmin on the hike as well – I’m such a geek.

Misc. Miles: 1.4

Distance: 17.3 miles  2012: 463.5


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