2012 Microtour Plans

Thanks to the Sloth’s proddings, we’re putting together a 3 day adventure through the lovely Cumberland Valley.  While we have yet to workout details (who needs details, anyway?), the tentative plan is to ride out to Pine Grove Furnace on Monday, August 6th.  We’ll camp overnight in Michaux State Forest up on the mountain again like we did in May.  The next morning we’ll grab some breakfast and shower in the park, then ride to Colonel Denning State Park on the north side of the valley.  We’ll camp in the park on one of the tent sites Tuesday, August 7th.  Then we head home on Wednesday.

What’s nice is that we won’t be far from home if something comes up and we have to bail, and we’re close enough for anyone that wants to just do a one-nighter and head home from there.

I mapped out a very preliminary route, assuming that the initial meet up point would be Boiling Springs.  That’s about a 20 mile ride for both of us.


The ride from Pine Grove Furnace to Colonel Denning could change as well.  I chose to avoid climbing over the mountain by going back through Mount Holly, but if we’re feeling frisky; you never know.  There is also the chance of going through Carlisle on the way to Newville, or if we’re really ambitious, cruising down to Shippensburg and back on the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail.

So it’s all good.  If you’re interested in joining in, shoot us a message.


One response to “2012 Microtour Plans

  1. Touring is such a blast. We’ll all be watching for your departure.

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