Ride Report: 07.22.12

I actually have been doing some random rides and errands here and there…just not bothering to log them in.

Yesterday I managed to get out for a loop up Lisburn Road.  This is a great ride because the distance is good for easing back into shape and there aren’t a whole lot of hills.  The downside is that I ride it so much that it gets a little boring and I don’t bother taking any pictures.

It also gives me a chance to continue to play with the GPS.  It still gets a little wonky due to the lack of sufficient waypoints when loading routes.  I think I’m going to try going back to loading modified tracks using the software that thins out the waypoints a bit.

Both the LHT and the X bike are running well, and I haven’t had the need or desire to make any changes.  I did find a cache battery on line that I might buy to put between the Plug and whatever on the LHT.  The battery allows a constant charging voltage, even when the speed of the bike drops enough to otherwise stop charging off of the dynamo.  Maybe this winter I’ll take that plunge and finally install the Plug.

Otherwise, I’ve been pretty consistent with the weight workouts – upper body mostly, and have noticed a bit of a change.  I’ll continue this routine through August and then switch it up.

I’ve resolved that August, September, and October will involve camping of some form.  3 trips, and I put it on-line, so it must be true.

Kid #1 is in China, Kid #2 is in Malibu at the Pepperdine/Dunphy volleyball camp, and Kid #3 is staying with the in-laws for a few days.  No internet, but they have cable – he’ll live.

I’m getting rid of the Money Bucket.  My son wrecked his car and it costs too much to repair it, so we’re scrapping it.  We need another car, and we don’t use the truck enough to justify the expense, so I’m going to trade it in.  Hopefully I can get an old beater truck again for firewood purposes; or try a jeep with one of those small trailers.  If there were a way to haul firewood on a bike…

Misc. Miles: 31.0 

Distance: 18.3 miles  2012: 444.8


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