Ride Report: 06.19.12

‘still playing with the Garmin.  As you can read the comments from the previous post, there’s pretty much a work around for using these units in Route mode where you don’t max out the waypoint capacity, and get some prompts as you’re coming up on a turn. The prompts can be a little weird, but the happen at the right time, and then the unit gives you the correct street name once you’ve made the turn.

I somehow didn’t have it fully running when I started riding, so it wasn’t showing my location in reference to the route (I was manually moving the screen.)  When I took a short break, I stopped the navigate feature and restarted it, and it started both tracking my location and moving the route automatically – sweet!  The first screen shows the blue line going both left and straight because I was doing a return loop around Pinchot Lake, and this intersection is where the loop “closes.”

So we have progress, all using freeware and not really requiring a lot of work to load the routes.  As for the ride…lots of hills and the summer heat is on the way.  The air was starting to get heavy, but you don’t notice it while riding.

Distance: 16.3 miles  2012:  353.5


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