Ride Report: 06.16.12

My legs have been sore all week.  I figured it to be a combination of pushing it too much last time out and not getting enough rest at night.  That prompted my resolve to take it easy this morning with a nice leisurely cruise.

A new toy had me taking inventory of the amount of electronics I had loaded up on the Trucker as I was heading out of the garage: Permanently on the bike is the Planet Bike computer (I must have that because it tells me the temperature), and the dynamo-headlight-taillight setup.  Also usually tucked into the Pendle and hanging on the dowel is a garage door opener.  Yup.  It’s left over from a set that came with this fancy electronic lock that we never use, but its a small keyfob sort of thing that is really handy – but nevertheless, I carry a garage door opener on my bike most of the time.  Then I had my phone in my pocket, which is normal.  And today, I took along a camera, which I did not use; and my Nook, which I did.  On top of all that, I had to play with a Garmin Legend Hcx that I just picked up used. (More about that in another post soon).

So: lights, camera, phone, garage door opener, puter, Nook, and gps.  And I haven’t even hooked up the Plug on my dynamo yet that will let me power half this stuff off the bike.  I’m pretty sure I’m a geek/gear head at this point.

The weather could not be nicer.  Because I’m still learning the whole gps thing, I once again took a familiar route out through Lisburn to follow the track that I had uploaded or downloaded or whatever.

As I was turning onto Naavou, I came up on a bevy of tandems.  Ultimately there were at least a dozen, and they appeared to be couples.  They must have re-grouped, turned around, and followed me out Lisburn Road, because they came by again when I stopped to read along McCormick Road at the stream.

The couples thing was kind of interesting.  This is going to sound mean, but the “wives”, from what I could tell, were not regular riders.  They were all dressed up in racing kit, but it was obvious that today was a “special” day of some sort.

Good for them; but I wonder just how many of these rather high end bikes were purchased by husbands hoping to get the little lady involved in riding.  Its a pretty expensive proposition.  Buy all of the fancy spandex, etc…and you’re talking a major investment.  My wife would have to be bugging me an awful lot about wanting to ride before I shelled out those kind of beans.

Also interesting was how few other bikers I saw, given the weather.

But alas, all things must come to an end.  Back home to continue fiddling with the gps that has me somewhat confused and definitely distracted, lunch, mow the grass, clean the house, and off to a picnic for this evening.

Misc. Miles: 2.1

Distance: 18.3 miles  2012: 326.3


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