Ride Report: 06.11.12

‘pretty hot and humid, but it helps to keep moving.  The breeze was also picking up, but for some reason my legs felt really strong, even on the hills.  Not many bikers around, but lots of folks walking their dogs.

I also need to comment on a previous post about the Mary Poppins Effect.  I think I’ve pretty much concluded that bikers on non-racing bikes and dressed in “normal” clothes are treated better than drop-bar/spandex kit.  When I’m on the Trucker, wearing my plaid shorts and a T-shirt, I get smiles and even waves.  For the most part, cars are very courteous.  On the X-bike with riding shorts, there is definitely less acknowledgement from the general public and cars seem to pass just a little closer.  Interestingly, racer/bikers are just the opposite: more are inclined to be too busy to smile or wave when on the Trucker; whereas it’s pretty common to get “the wave” on the X-bike.  Now mind, I still get a lot of waves when on the Trucker from racers, just moreso on the X-bike.

btw…I had the bright idea enter my head that “X-bike” is too obtuse.  Someone, commenting on the blackness of it, thought a more appropriate name might “Amish Thunder.”  Maybe not.

Misc. Miles: 12.4

Distance: 22 miles  2012:  305.9


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