Sleep Deficit

I was planning a ride last night after the storms rolled through, but I have been getting a little less sleep each night lately than I should, and it caught up to me.  I just didn’t feel like moving a lot.

After a nap, I had to fulfill a promise to the wife anyway – setting up a video camera and Skype on our desktop computer.  Our daughter is spending the summer semester studying overseas and phone/wifi contact is sketchy.  I was able to download all the drivers, but the camera is still wonky.  It seems to work OK with Skype, although I need to do a full test with a real person, rather than the “auto-call” that Skype has.  I might try setting the camera up on one of our laptops to see if I have better luck.

In other news, I had some Barnes and Noble gift cards setting around, so I bought a Nook.  It’s the Glowlight model, which I really like.  Even if I’m just reading in the evening when the sun is still up, I can hit the Glowlight feature without having to turn on the room lights.  It also means I can turn out the lights and read in bed until I nod off.

The Glowlight is probably the best feature.  Other than that, it’s very similar to Red’s Kindle.  I like the feel of the Kindle’s slim profile a litte better, and I think the manual contacts for turning pages are better than the Nook.  The Nook also has a touch screen to turn pages, but I find being able to use the manual contacts allows for holding the readers with one hand.  The touch screen requires one hand to hold the reader and the other to swipe across the screen.  Not a big deal until you consider that these readers only display about a paragraph at a time – that’s a lot of page turns.

Anyway, despite these concerns, the Glowlight is really nice and makes the Nook a winner in my book.


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