Silicone Nose Holder Thingies

This is a long and somewhat disjointed story that ultimately is an endorsement.  Just skip to the end if you’re bored.

I went for several years wearing contact lenses, but just found them too much of a bother, so I switched back to glasses a few years back.  I had a pair of prescription shades for a long time, well after they should have been upgraded, but I ultimately lost them when I failed to pack them correctly in my bag one night coming home on the bike.

My last set of glasses were disgustingly bad, so I broke down and took advantage of a “two for one” offer at BJs Optical.  For the second set, I bought a pair of shades.

When I first picked up the glasses, it was back when we were having all of that rain, so the shades pretty much sat for a month.  The weather clears, out come the shades, and I find that the lenses are too loose for the frames.  BJs agrees, and sends them back.

A week later they’re back, and the problem has been solved.  The guy behind the counter looks like a character, and he sits me down for a fitting.  He looks me in the eye, probably just a little too long for my comfort, and asks, “what are you going to use these for?”

“Pretty much whenever I’m outside.”

“Yea, but I lived in South Florida.  Are you active?”

“Oh, yes, I try to get out on my bike whenever I can.”

“Good, I bike too.  Not like these guys with all the clothes and good stuff.  I just commute back and forth to work from Lancaster to York.”

Is that all, I’m thinking.  Anyway, he immediately gets up and goes over to a parts desk and starts tearing my glasses apart.  He pulls off the hard plastic nose pieces and starts replacing them with larger ones.  Then he brings them back over.

“You’ll like these.  I wear contacts, but like plain lenses just to keep the bugs out of my eyes.  Oh those bugs can be bad.”

The nose pieces are now a soft, pliable silicone with a tacky feel to them.  I’ve worn them on two rides now, and they are great.  Even when my face is sweaty and slick, they stay put.

Highly recommended for active eyewear = silicone nose holder thingies.


2 responses to “Silicone Nose Holder Thingies

  1. Yup….discovered them several years ago-don’t leave the optician without them installed on all my glasses.

    • Hey George, how ya been! I thought of you on our S24O when Scott and I encountered a motorized bike on the road between Boiling Springs and Mount Holly. Given how far we were riding and the loads we were hauling, we both agreed that he was cheating!

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