Ride Report: 05.26.12

“I am an Unracer!” There is something extremely liberating about saying that outloud while being passed by roadies in each direction.  If someone decides to have T-shirts printed up; I’m in.

Saturday morning was a great start to the day.  For the first time in a while I actually felt “peppy” on the bike.  I suppose it has something to do with not having panniers on.  I’ll need to make a note of that as a training tool: ride 70 miles on a fully loaded touring bike.Anyway, I cruised down to Lisburn with the intent of going out towards the college, but was detoured by an accident.  This created an opportunity to take one of the routes backwards, which always adds a different perspective.  It’s interesting to see the same homes, farms, features etc…, except from the opposite side.

I ended up taking a break by the stream, admiring the morning and watching some of the fly fisherman ply their craft – pretty amazing.The trip out was quiet with few cars and hardly any bikes.  But the trip back I found myself in the midst of the racers and racer wannabes.  Me, decked out in my t-shirt, bermuda shorts, sandals, and bandana/headband was the one out of place.  But that’s OK, because I am an unracer!

Misc. Miles: 8.6

Distance: 17  2012: 209.7


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