The End is in Sight

The regular school volleyball season has a week and a half to go, then a week long break, then playoffs.  Our guys are doing well, and should go deep into the post season.  Just when they finish, Ave’s club team will start up with intense practices for their run for a national title in Dallas in July.  Still, the schedule will be easier for us then the three matches a week were now in the midst of.

I managed to get out for some bikey errands and some work around the house this weekend.  It’s frightening how out of shape I’m in and how easily I find myself out of breath.  Too much sitting in my office during the day and too much sitting on bleachers in the evenings.

My daughter is finishing up finals this week, then she comes home for a week, then she is off to Europe, Asia, and India for three months as a summer semester.  She has to live out of one backpack and one suitcase, so dad steered her to REI for some lightweight travel gear.  We did pretty good and she’s happy.  Once she gets back, she’ll live at home for her final semester and graduate in December.

Cars are driving me crazy and making me broke.  My daughters car is suffering some engine problems that two mechanics can’t seem to figure out, and I’m beginning to expect that it may be terminal due to an oil leak that was discovered.  On top of that, son#1 had a fender bender with his car that is going to be expensive to fix.  We didn’t insure the car for collision, so I’m looking for a backyard mechanic that can do the work for less than a shop.  At least this way we don’t have to file a claim and his premiums won’t go up.  Still, it could be the end for this car as well if it proves too expensive…before it’s even paid for.

This past year has definitely convinced me that a bicycle lifestyle makes a lot of sense.

Speaking of bikes, one of the recent oddities around our house is that Shark Tank has become our new favorite family show on Friday nights.  It’s interesting to learn the business/financial considerations that the sharks and entrepreneurs bring to the table, and to debate among ourselves just how “marketable” someone’s idea is or whether we feel they are investment worthy.

Anyway, the other night a guy comes on selling completely custom cruiser bikes.  The custom part is really just picking a selection of components and colors; but thier ends up being quite a variety.  Most of the sharks couldn’t get their heads around the $650 price point!  I was amazed, but then I figure these guys are thinking box store, and probably never walked into a bike shop and actually learned anything.  But one of the sharks was a woman who owns a beach house with a stable of bikes, and she bought in because she knows the market.  It was an interesting perspective.

Misc. Miles: 4  2012: 90 miles


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