Ride Report: 04.15.12

Late last week I was pretty frustrated.  The forecast was calling for nice weather, but I had been fighting some kind of stomach bug all week, and by Friday I was running a low fever.  Fortunately a couple of ibuprofen and a good night’s sleep helped, and although a little weak, I felt a lot better Saturday morning.

I didn’t want to overdo it, so I stuck around the house and did yard work Saturday morning, and then ventured out for a short errand later in the day.  Sunday was also a couple of short errands framed around a mild “fitness ride” in the afternoon.

I’m really low on my aerobic fitness, and can feel it even on mild hills.  I’m hoping that I can manage an increasing amount of gentle rides to gradually build things back up, but it will continue to be a challenge for the next few weeks with volleyball matches a few nights and then a tournament this weekend.

But it really felt great to get out on the road and just enjoy.

Distance: 13.5 miles  2012: 81.6


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