Cameras and I don’t mix well.  It started with my trusty $8.00 Pocketcam, which I left sitting somewhere along the Yellow Breeches after taking a break and snapping a few shots.  It was no great loss, but it was nice to have a small point and shoot camera that took good enough quality for blogging.

My next endeavor involved Nikon Coolpix because we already had one at home, and the prices had come down considerably for used ones.  They take great shots, but I was pretty rough on them – all four of them.  Between little mishaps and not so little mishaps, I’ve kind of decided to move on.  The last one is currently sitting on my workbench, with the battery door held shut with a strip of duct tape.

On to Vivitar, which I think is the Chinese word for cheap junk.  Christmas 2010 brought me an inexpensive point and shoot that seems to take great shots as long as there is adequate light.  A little bit of shade, though, and things go south. 

In the meantime, Son#1 becomes a volleyball hero, and I’m told by all the recruiting websites that I need to shoot video of his playing.  Since I don’t want to lug around a lot of gear, I go with Vivitar again (silly me) and ask for a digital pocket cam for Christmas 2011.  It works well to a point, but basically lacks the resolution I’d like and has the same issues with lighting.  I’ve posted some stills using it, which you’ll recognize as the ones that are unusually blurry.

On to Sony.  We have a “family unit” (meaning don’t let dad near it) that takes nice video.  I’m not too happy with the quality of what gets saved to the memory card, but the taped sessions appear very good.  Two problems: first, the tape format is outdated and won’t be supported much longer; and second, newer versions of Windows aren’t recognizing the model, and Sony doesn’t seem to have the best customer support.

So I’ve decided to try the first Vivitar camera again and see if I spend a little bit more effort fiddling with the settings, I can get better results (see the most recent ride).  And I’m scouring the web to find a solution for getting the Sony to talk to my computer, or any computer for that matter.  In the meantime, I’ve got the second Vivitar I can use in a pinch, provided the lights are turned up.

I know… if I’d just spend the money and get a decent/recent digital unit, all would be well….   (See Pocketcam/Coopix results).


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