I’ve been thinking for some time about extending a ride to Mount Holly all of the way down Pines Road to Shippensburg, and then coming back via the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail for what amounts to almost a century.  Problem is, I’ve never been into the Walnut Bottom area, so I didn’t know what to expect with the roads.

Well last Saturday I had to travel to Chambersburg to meet up with my son at a volleyball scrimmage, and then we would ride back together.  The schedule gave me some extra time, so I ended up turning off the Interstate at Newville and taking to the back roads.  First thing is that the route on Pines down to Walnut Bottom and then into Shippensburg is near perfect for biking.  In fact, it looks like there must be an old order Mennonite community back there, because I passed quite a few bikes during the trip.

When I got to Shippensburg I was amazed at how much the area has been built up since I lived there.  Without a map, I drove around in circles trying to find the trailhead, but no luck.  Chances are it’s really simple, but not for me.  Next time = map.

So I feel even better about this trip – either incorporating it into my mini-tour, or as a separate day ride.  BTW, there is an excellent “stealth” site in a parkground where Pines Road intersects with Walnut Bottom Road, even for an out and back S24O.


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