Fat Cyclist

I admit that I have a warped sense of humor.  I’m one of those guys who makes an incredibly insightful and witty comment, only to have a bunch of blank stares returned.

Which is why I thought I’d really enjoy The Best of the Fat Cyclist.  Truth is, I don’t get it.  There were a few mild zingers that prompted a knowing smile, but for the most part, I found it tediously boring.

But no harm, no foul.  Chances are if I wrote a book, he would find it tedious and boring.  My blog has far less readership and isn’t exactly full of yucks.  I bought the Kindle version, so it was dirt cheap; and I think part of that goes to a cancer charity.  So it’s all good in the end.


One response to “Fat Cyclist

  1. That’s very similar to how I feel about his blog. Every so often I’ll go on and scan 3 pages of entries–get a chuckle or 2–and then check out for a few more months…

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