Life Goes On

I’m feeling a lot better.  Some of my friends and co-workers have the same bug now: initially a light head cold that morph’s into coughing and a chest infection.  Get the anti-biotics fast and head it off.

The big challenge right now is the weather.  We’ve had periods of rain and/or some snow, with night time temperatures dipping down below freezing.  The result is that I end up a little concerned about encountering black ice on the roads.  I’m also still being a bit of a slug – the whole “body at rest” thing.  I need to get this body in motion and keep it there, whether its on the bike, treadmill, ergo, or whatever.

I’m still toying with backpacking plans in addition to bike camping.  In looking around the net at different reviews and blogs, I’m not sure whether to look for a solo tent or go with a hooped bivy.  Each has advantages and disadvantages depending on the conditions (rain, temperature, etc…).  But the determining factor on any purchase will be price.  I’ll still use the Kelty tent alot, but something a few pounds lighter will be nice for hiking.

Finally, the other day one of the higher ups in my office received notice that his background check had cleared and he could now go from “acting” to permanent.  That requires that he be sworn in, and he wanted to know what to do.

Being the old sage that I am, I told him that I could swear him in.  He looked a little confused, but went along.  Using the Tarik Bike Club as my template, his “oath of office” was pretty simple:  “I swear to do a good job, work hard, and not be an ass.”

Reading the blogesphere lately and listening to the news concerning the death of JoePa, I acknowledge that we live in a free country where everyone is entitled to voice their opinion.  But you know, you don’t have to be an ass about it.


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