Ride Report: 01.12.12

Huzzah!  I finally felt well enough to ride a bit, and needed to get out for a very easy cruise around the ‘hood on the last temperate evening before winter cold and winds arrive today.  The loss of conditioning in my legs prompted a leisurely pace, but my gosh it felt great to be back.

There is still some coughing, but my head is clear and I’m weened of any meds.  Even with riding at a talking pace, my legs are just a tad stiff to remind me that I have a lot of work to do.

Yesterday the package from REI showed up with my gift card purchases:

  • a Big Agnes Sand Mountain insulated pad that should be good for late spring through early fall.  It packs in about half the space of the Dual Core.  My only reservation is that the valve is all hard plastic, rather than the standard brass/plastic.
  • a collapsible cat hole shovel.  Nothing fancy, but it did come with a belt mounted scabbard in case I want to impress everyone who typically wear buck knives.
  • a little flint stick fire starter.  I had one episode where my stove wouldn’t light off on a drizzly morning, and the butane lighter I carry took a while to spark also.  There’s no scarier image than cold oatmeal on a chilly morning.
  • and an REI inflatable seat pad.  During my trip to Michaux, I ended up using a very unstable rock to sit on while I cooked dinner, and rolled off of it more than once.  I figure I can also use it for watching sports events.

Speaking of which, we’re leaving this afternoon to go to Rochester for a volleyball tournament.  Predictions are for 10 inches of snow today and tomorrow.  Oh boy!

Distance: 4.5 miles  2012: 4.5


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