Shorter Tent Poles

The tent poles for my Kelty Gunnison fold into 24-30 inch bundles.  This is no problem for biking and fitting them into the rear pocket of the panniers, but I can see them being too bulky for backpacking.

Does anyone make shorter poles that would collapse into a 15-18 inch bundle?  I’ve seen one site, but they also use super lite materials so the price ends up being more than the tent.  I’m more interested in “packability” than weight.


2 responses to “Shorter Tent Poles

  1. You should be able to buy pole pieces and shock cord (shock cord is a few $ on eBay) and make your own. Actually you could use the ends and shock cord from your existing poles.

    It really isn’t a hard thing to do says he who hasn’t done it 🙂 (just replaced shock cord in existing poles).


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