I’m going to jump on the pile and post my year past/year ahead ruminations.  Try to consider my current state of mind, which is being affected by this cold that won’t go away, and the resultant lack of physical activity that has me going stir crazy; as well as being thoroughly over medicated.

Overall, I’m going to say 2011 was a so-so year for biking.  I rode a lot…more than I have in quite a few years, but not a whole lot of memorable miles, and not as much as I would have liked.  My schedule dictated shorter rides in the evenings, and not as many all day treks on the weekends.  I missed that.

And then there was the rain. 

I’d have to say the highlight was the one S24O to Michaux.  Riding back along Pines Road, it hit me that I really didn’t know yet where I was going to bed down for the night and I was winging it.  That feeling made me smile.

With the actual bikes, I’m pretty happy.  The X bike started getting some significant mileage after futzing around with different configurations for three years; and the Trucker just keeps reminding me what a comfortable bike should feel like.  After 6000 some miles, I think I’ve got it pretty well dialed in with the Albatross bars and Grip King pedals, and I really like how the racks and Swift panniers worked out.  I hope to tear down the front end this winter and install the Tout Terrain Plug that I picked up last year.  I really don’t see any major changes to either bike.

I do hope to upgrade my camping kit a little and try my hand at backpacking, but I’m not planning anything exotic – just some lighter gear that will be right at home in a pannier as well.  It’s just that I’ve discovered that there are some unbeaten paths that even a bike can’t manage.

So where do we go?

  • Definitely more day rides.  I think my schedule will be a bit more open this year so that I can take a day or so off here and there during the week.
  • Gotta get in more S24O type trips.  It’s been fun each time, and I pretty much have it figured out, both gear wise; and how I want to experience it.
  • At least one multi-day trip, even if its riding from one state park to another.  Pine Creek and the Great Alleghenny are still looming large, and I think Red will be understanding so long as I don’t fall too far back on the honey-do list.

Finally, I need to join with everyone else and commit to losing weight.  Last spring I did the Atkins/Primal thing and lost 18 pounds easily.  Unfortunately, summer came around and I got lazy, and gained half of it back.  I’m ready to go for it again, and keep going. 

So there ya go.  Nothing major, nothing too far out there.  Just some reasonable expectations for the new year to make life a little more enjoyable.

5 responses to “Reflections

  1. I’m on board for more camping and a multi-day trip. Last year’s single, solitary, sole S24O was about 4 or 5 less than I wanted. What do you think about planning a 3 or 4 day loop, 50-ish miles per day, for this fall? That gives us all time to condition for it, make arrangements for the time off, etc.

  2. I’d probably be up for Pine Creek of the Passage… Fitness levels at the end of the year permitting.

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