Ride Report: 12.26.11

I finally managed to catch the cold that has been going around, and it put the kibosh on any riding for a few days.  The cold itself wasn’t that bad – mostly a sinus thing that snuck up on me and I didn’t respond fast enough with the Zycam to keep it at bay.  But the after effects – intense fits of coughing to clear my chest really take a toll.

This was the first cold I’ve had in a while – I’ll credit that to the zinc.  The coughing usually lasts about three days or so, worse at night.  I was using some Nyquil and it finally caught up to me on Saturday – I completely zonked out for an afternoon.

But…I feel I’m on the mend and took the Trucker out for a short ride last night – just cruising about after dark.  It was pretty cold, around freezing; so I bundled up with heavy wool and a balaclava.  Christmas day would have been perfect for a ride, but I just wasn’t up for it yet.

The holiday was nice.  The in-laws were here three of the four days, but they headed out yesterday and we finally relaxed.  I also went out on a limb and told people very specfically what I wanted.  It felt a little self-centered, and I’m not an easy person to buy for, but I was tired of getting the same bazaar ill-fitting “what were you thinking” gifts that end up in a box on my closet shelf.

I actually got some shirts that fit ( I take a long, not a large), and as my daughter said, “with those three shirts I’ve now doubled my wardrobe.”  Plus, I have a stack of REI gift cards burning a hole in my pocket.  Finally, I was given one of those digital camcorders where the memory card costs more than the camera to try for biking.

It seems I hit some homeruns on the gift giving side as well, which I’ll credit to my daughter, who acted as a consultant on my mall shopping adventure.

The schedule is filling up fast for the next week, so I doubt I’ll get in my annual New Years Day Ride, but there is still some hope – perhaps Monday.

‘hope everyone had a great time.

Distance: 6.9 miles  2011: 1471.7


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