Can’t Seem to Catch a Break

This is a rare instance of rant-therapy on my part, with absolutely no bicycle-related content.

By Saturday afternoon, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. 

Last Thursday I went out to the truck and noticed a puddle of fluid underneath the bed.  Thinking that it was melted frost, I went in to the office.  Halfway I noticed that the brakes were feeling spongy.  By the time I got to my parking space, warning lights are coming on and I realize we have a problem.  That problem turned out to be a broken brake line.

Bought a container of fluid at lunch time and was able to nurse it to the garage, where two days, a right handed caliper installed on the left side, and $360 later, the “Moneybucket” is back.  All I could think about was that it is a nice truck, but boy did they see me coming! Rats.

Then Saturday morning I’m cleaning up around the house, vacuuming the dining room, when I hear some water dripping.  I look up, and the light fixture looks like a fish bowl!  I run upstairs where my daughter is taking a shower, but there are no obvious puddles on the floor.  When she turns off the water, the dripping stops.  But a little while later I discover that a shower valve has worked its way loose and is leaking into the wall, and then down through the ceiling.

What’s really freaking me out is that I had just done some repairs to the shower plumbing, but had not touched this valve.  wtf?

So, got to turn off the water, right?  Well, the 20ish year old valves in the access panel have probably never been touched, and once I get them unfrozen, they don’t hold a seal.  Have to replace those valves in the wall, plus the ones in the shower. 

That finally happens, but not without realizing that the manifold has a stripped thread and will need replacement in the near future = big job.

In the meantime, our dining room ceiling has an interesting water stain.  I’m half OK with that, because it needs a major drywall fix from where we had a leak a few years ago.  We hid it well, and this job has been creeping up on my to do list; but now it has managed to jump to the top as soon as I get a free weekend.  BTW, I HATE DOING DRYWALL!!!

And did I mention that I have two, not one, tuition payments due this month?

Now that that’s off my chest…we’ll manage.  We’re alot better off than most, and far better off than many.  I fantasize about living in a smaller house with less stuff to go wrong and living car free, but this is our lives for now, and we’ll survive.

Nothing a long bike ride won’t cure…


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