Early Christmas Gift

There’s going to be a new sleeping bag under the tree this year.  It’s a mouthful, but I scored a Montbell Ultralight Super Spiral Downhugger 30F bag.  Believe it or not, each of those descriptors reflects an option available.

Campsaver had a one day blow out on a few Montbell items, so Backcountry.com matched the price, plus included free 2 day shipping.

There really is nothing wrong with the Big Agnes bag that I have, and in some respects, it seems to be a bit more robust in it’s construction.  Where the Montbell caught my attention was the whole “super stretch” thing, and the compressibility of the 800 power down.  With only using the supplied stuff sack and no compression straps, it goes down to the size of a football.  Plus it’s silly light.

Everyone seems to feel that Montbell’s temperature ratings are more acurate.  It wasn’t a deal breaker, but I find that my 15F Lost Ranger is probably more like a 25-30F bag.

I’m really looking forward to trying this bag out.  I’ve been tempted to pitch the tent in the back yard.  Even if it’s a little cold, the polartech liner I have should get me an extra 5-10 degrees. 

I figure if I can score some other lighter weight gear, I might try some hiking trips as well as biking.  Bivy anyone?


3 responses to “Early Christmas Gift

  1. Nice! Winter backpacking is fun. There’s no bugs/snakes/whatever and it gets dark really early so you have an excuse to lounge around in camp all afternoon and drink hot chocolate.

  2. I found that my sleeping bag is more of a padding when I tour in the summer. I normally don’t like camping for camping sake, but after a day of riding I have no problem falling asleep. It is always a treat to get something new for the bike though.

    • Twice this past summer with camping I ended up using my fleece liner and just laid on top of the bag/pad. The Montbell/liner combination should take care of just about any cold weather situation I’d be likely to encounter.

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