Ride Report: 12.08.11

The wind died down last evening, signaling that a short ride would be possible.  I figured it would be a little chilly, guessing somewhere around 40F and dressing accordingly, if not a little warmer, since I have forgotten my previous clothing combinations/temperature ideals from last winter.

So I was a little surprised when I got the Trucker outside and the temperature was reading 28F.  I could feel the cold through my insulated tights, but the midweight wool shirt I had did a good job on all but my forearms.  I also grabbed the synthetic balaclava, wool gloves, and wool beanie.

A little nippy at first, but once my core warmed up, the ride was fine.  I went over into the boro and explored some back streets, then turned for home.  Keeping my pace down per my “master plan”, I also noticed that the leather camp shoes and thick wool socks were working well.  Previous attempts to keep my feet warm at these temps have been a bit challenging.

I was also a little concerned about the amount of water on the roads from the recent rains, so I had another excuse to keep my speed down and just cruise. 

Pulled in the garage after a nice jaunt, made some dinner, and watched Jeopardy.  I think if I knew more about Shakespeare and playwrights I could do pretty good on that show.

Distance: 6.4 miles  2011: 1451.9


One response to “Ride Report: 12.08.11

  1. Just cruising is the best way to ride a bike. I have said many times, “if I were in a hurry, I wouldn’t be on a bike”.

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