Ride Reports: 12.5,6.11

Given my lack of riding and the substantial time lapse since any real physical activity, I’ve decided to ease myself back into shape by trying to get in some sort of workout everyday, but at a very low level.  Worst case is that I feel great while riding, then overextend myself, and then feel so sore the next day that I miss an opportunity to ride again.  The plan also calls for mixing it up a bit with some walking, rowing, and even some weights.  I just want to stay in motion, focus on my diet, and slowly get into shape while gradually losing a few pounds.  Taube’s book, Atkins, and the Primal Diet are still my guides, but the true challenge is overcoming my love of sweets.  If I can just stay away from the snacks and ice cream, I think I can get down to fighting weight again.

The last two nights I’ve taken short, easy rides on the LHT.  I had forgotten just how comfortable that bike is, and it’s much easier to slow down to a manageable pace than it is on the X bike.  I even made a point of wearing my jeans so as not to get carried away with taking off on a longer ride.

A month ago I moved some saddles around, so the Selle Titanico is back on the LHT.  I like how it feels, but of course a longer ride is needed to see whether it will stay.

In other news, the RBW group had a thread going on a chain oil, and someone mentioned using chain saw bar oil.  Now next to the six bikes currently in the garage there are three chain saws on the shelf; and a gallon jug of bar oil.  It’s odd that of two major activities in my life: biking and cutting wood, I never put the two together to realize that bar oil is specifically treated with an additive to make it “tacky”, so that the oil won’t go flying off the chain as it is spinning.  That way it can maintain adequate lubrication both within the bar groove and through the wood.  Considering a gallon of bar oil costs less than 8 oz. of teflon spray, I’m going to try it.

While on vacation, I got lazy and started growing a beard.  First one in 15 years – has a lot more gray in it than I recall.  I’m undecided on how long it will last.

Kent Peterson is working on an e-book.  Check it out.

Distance: 4.8, 5.6 miles  2011: 1445.5


2 responses to “Ride Reports: 12.5,6.11

  1. Was that chain lube thread all about Chain-L? That’s the stuff that smells like sulfur. Coincidentally, hypoid gear oil also smells like that. I have a sneaking suspicion that Chain-L isn’t much more than hypoid oil in a tiny bottle with a big price tag. While sticky lube may stick to your chain, it’s also going to stick to everything else. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a well oiled chain caked in lots of road gunk.

    I have some hypoid gear oil in the garage. Maybe I’ll try it on the beater.

    • It was about Chain-L. I’ve been using teflon spray for the last several years and have been pretty happy with it. I put some degreaser on a rag, run that over the chain a few swipes; then spray the teflon on a rag and do the same. Even after 5K, the Trucker isn’t showing much wear or stretch.
      The bar oil option intrigues me, though; because I think it might penetrate into to the links better. I might try it on the X bike just as a test, and monitor how much dirt it picks up.

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