‘been awhile

…and no riding.  We went to Florida over Thanksgiving to enjoy the perfect weather and just relax.  Red’s family has an old “bungalow” that we flop in and use as a base of operations.  Two days before we were scheduled to leave her sister and family arrived, making things claustrophobic – so we got out just in time. 

 I also set a new record for the drive home – 14 hours straight through.  We timed both trips perfectly for avoiding the typical jambs on I-95, but these overnight excursions still are a bear.  I’m honestly not crazy about these Florida trips for a host of reasons, including the driving.

Central Florida could be a great place to bike, but there is absolutely no infrastructure.  They’re building roads everywhere, but either no berms; or very small ones on major arteries.  It’s sad, because there is a lot to see, and everything is level.

I’ve also been wrestling with some kind of virus.  It’s not a cold, because I don’t really get stuffed up, just minor sniffles.  But there are times when I just feel achey all over – joints and muscles.  The doctor says “it’s going around.”  The other day I actually had a window of time to get in a ride, but I wasn’t motivated.  That’s bad because the bikes are all cleaned up, tuned up and ready to go.

We’re also in the midst of club volleyball.  Ave is playing on two teams – one is the national club that is kind of like an All-Star outfit, and the second is his high school off-season team.  It’s quite the time and money committment, but its exciting to see him improve each week.  For playing less than a year, he’s made quite the impact.  He has also been fighting a nagging cold/cough after coming down with strep throat three weeks ago.  I’d put him at about 80%.

Ecovelo, which is listed on the blog roll, has announced that they are going dormant after the first of the year.  This summer they had turned off the comments, which in my mind made the site a lot less interesting.  While I think blogging isn’t going to go away, there doesn’t appear to be the “excitement” in the media that there once was.  No changes here, though; except that I finally got around to picking up another cheap camera after the battery latch broke on the last one.  I think that makes four Nikon Coolpix in a row now.

Night riding appears to be in my future, because Saturdays are going to be focused on firewood.  The rainy summer and other activities have me way behind on the heat supply, and I have to get caught up.  So between evening rides and Saturday cutting and splitting, maybe I can get in shape.


2 responses to “‘been awhile

  1. I coach an indoor soccer team that play on Friday nights. Riding to the game is a five mile each way night bike ride. It’s pretty neat and I enjoy not only the ride but the attention I get for night riding. Most people don’t understand and think it’s the most dangerous thing in the world.

  2. I coached indoor one season – it was like a ping-pong game. There are aspects of night riding that I really prefer – its more quiet, usually less traffic; and with a good set of lights you’re just as visible as during the day, if not more.

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