Ride Report: 11.13.11

Laps.  What else???  Busy weekend punctuated by gusty wind.  Even after most of it calmed down after dark, there were still periods of it pushing strong.

Otherwise, I met up with the Sloth on Friday where he helped me out pulling the crank off the Bianchi.  My crank tool has a solid thread spline and can’t handle a flush mount; whereas his slick Park tool threads right on.

He suggested that I use the opportunity to grease the bottom bracket while everything was apart.  Good advice, because when I opened it up, copious amounts of metal shavings poured out.  I didn’t stop to think that they had to go somewhere after I cut out the frozen seat post. 

So a lot of solvent and rags, followed by a lot of grease and just the right tension; and the Bianchi project is now sporting a touring triple.  The 20 year old chain that I had loosened up after spinning around a few times, but I need to take some measurements and pull some links off of it.  The mid range rear derailler should work (fingers crossed), but I need to score a front triple that mates to the narrow down tube.

Not long now…

BTW, the Sloth really needs to post about the sweet Rawland sitting in his garage.  It’s shaping up to be the near perfect do-everything machine.

Distance: 6.5 miles  2011:  1435.6


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