Ride Report: 11.07.11

I haven’t yet adapted to the time change, so my sleep is out of wack.  I was tired, but felt the need to get some exercise.  That called for a short ride around the Lewisberry environs; not on a particular route, but just some time exploring otherwise familiar roads. 

I went with the X bike again just so I could play with the Supernova beam.  It works well out on the road, to the point where I was worried that I might be “blinding” on coming cars.  The answer is to just tilt the beam down for a second, even if it isn’t necessary. 

It was a beautiful night with a bright moon.

This morning I spotted a commuter by the Market Street Bridge on what looks like a Dahon Curve.  Dyno setup and a slick looking briefcase rack on the front.  I was telling Red about how popular they are becoming because they can be stored in the office, on a bus, in a car trunk, etc… 

I had to go down Market and across to Commonwealth, he went up Front and probably turned up Boas.  We passed the Commonwealth entrance to the H&W Building at the same time.  He must work there – I’d love to track him down and get a close look at his folder.

Distance: 11.3 miles  2011: 1429.1


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