Ride Report: 11.05.11

My butt got kicked on Saturday morning with a longish ride on the X bike.  The first 30 miles were great; sunshine, brisk air, good snap to the legs, coming out of the saddle to climb…really moving and feeling like a much younger man.  I rode out past Williams Grove to Boiling Springs and back.

But at mile 30, I hit a wall.  It was pretty much my legs saying, “you foolish old man!”  I can’t expect to hammer along for two hours if I’ve been mostly riding at a touring pace all year, between monsoons and freakish snow storms.  But hey, I have a big jug of ibuprofen in the medicine cabinet, so I’ll live to fight another day.

Overall, the bike felt good and performed good.  The Brooks seems to be the right saddle for this bike – there was a little tenderness but no sores; and my neck tolerated riding in the drops.  Any longer though, and it probably would have bothered me.  I need to do some fine tuning to the front derailer.

Other observations:  I didn’t see any other bikers until around 11:00, when there were mostly packs of 4 and 5.  About 3 miles from home, I crested a hill and found this guy, walking down the middle of the road for almost a mile.  Sorry for the quality of this pic, I’m having camera issues again, and he kept getting further away as I was fighting with a broken battery cover that kept shutting things down.  Anyway… it just seemed a little odd that he was walking on the yellow line at in the middle of nowhere…

Misc. Miles: 2.4

Distance: 39.1  2011: 1417.8


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