“The Bianchi Project”

Here are some shots of the current progress on this build.  As background, this is a budget project to have a suitable bike available for my two sons.  The oldest is 6’3″ and the younger is 6’4″; and both still have some growing to do.

The Sloth came up with this beautious blue frame with chrome trim.  The decals are cooked, but once they’re removed and the paint is shined up, I think she’ll look pretty sharp.  I know its sacreligious not to try to restore this old girl to her former glory, but this bike will see far more use as a “utility roadster” for the boys.

I still need to pull this crank and install an XT touring triple, and then finish the drivetrain, but I think it’s coming together fast.  Bars are Kalloy, stem is Kore 140mm, Shimano 3×8 gearing with an SRAM 11×32 cassette, WTB saddle, Sugino post (26.8!!!), Alex 36 count rims, 35c tires, Tektro 556 Big Mouth calipers, and the soccer ball dingy.


2 responses to ““The Bianchi Project”

  1. Hey, that’s a nice ride. I bet for the money you have in that-you’ll have a dependable ride for quite a few years. Besides…..anytime you paint a bike blue- i automatically like it 😉

    • Thanks George. I think it will be a fun bike to ride. Its an interesting frame with a short top tube for its size. If the whole thing were a few inches smaller, I would have kept it for myself.

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