Ride Report: 11.01.11

Laps…during a small window of time I had between cleaning out and re-firing the woodstove and going to my oldest son’s volleyball scrimmage.  There’s still a bit of snow and ice on the main road berms, so I stuck to the neighborhood, again playing with the X bike and the Airstream.

I figure for next year, for maintenance purposes, I might start tracking the mileage separately on the X bike and LHT.  I’m also going to put together a “travel kit” for the X bike:  multi-tool, tube, patches, spare batteries, a few bucks and some change, band-aids, etc…

The remaining parts for the drivetrain for the Bianchi project are on their way: an 8 speed cassette and a used Shimano touring triple.  The rest of the components are coming from the parts bin.  I really need to post some pics.  BTW:  the Tektro 556 “Big Mouth” calipers are far better than I would have guessed, even with the cheapo pads that come with them.  This is based on my scientific testing, which involves working up a head of steam coasting down the driveway and then locking them up.

Distance: 6.4 miles  2011: 1376.3


One response to “Ride Report: 11.01.11

  1. It is possible to quickly carry out mending regarding the generate teach from the bi-cycle as an example change every derailleurs, eliminate the circuit rings, change the particular turn hands, and also alter your pedals.

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