Ride Report: 10.22.11

This ended up being a familiar ride with some bonus miles tacked on the end because it was such a great morning for a ride, and I was feeling pretty strong.  It started with rolling out to the college, which is currently on fall break.  The leaves are turning, and the views are spectacular.  Plus the sky was overcast with no glare.

I’ve been playing around with saddles again lately, and now the X bike is sporting the Brooks.  I don’t think I had tried this combination before, but the result is a pretty comfortable ride.  Since the saddle has springs, I pulled the Trutaviv post off of the Trucker, which complements the black bits.

After 10 miles, both the air and I warmed up, so I peeled off the wool balaclava and wool gloves that I was wearing.

My daughter recently informed me that it’s OK to steal bikes at Messiah.  Apparently it’s how the upperclassmen teach the freshmen that they need to bring locks for their bikes.  So when someone needs to “get a ride”, they just pick one out, and leave it wherever.  I spotted this old classic down by the stadium.

After leaving the campus, I came back along McCormack Road and was heralded by several large flocks of starlings.  I was caught off guard at one point where, as I was approaching a large sycamore tree, it was practically raining bird poop.  A quick evasive maneuver saved the day.

Outside of Lisburn I opted to turn towards the hills and had a nice stretch out Pinetown Road.  A long section had recently been paved, which made for an awesome patch of road.

There had been some minor issues with cable stretch on the front derailer which I was able to fix with the barrel adjuster, but it got progressively worse.  Just as I pulled into the neighborhood, I was unable to hit the big ring.  After the ride, a little tweaking with some vice grips and screwdriver fixed it right up.

Distance: 25 miles  1343.9


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