Ride Report: 10.18.11

It was a really dark night, and I couldn’t help but get a kick out of the extensive Halloween decorations that some people put up now – more than Christmas.  The headlight beam created a kind of tunnel effect, which means slowing down on turns and hearing critters just outside from where I can see.  Every now and then I’d catch the white patch of a deer heading off through a field.

I’m playing around with different saddles again, but given my constant fiddling with these, I’m not going to declare any changes just yet.  What I’m finding is that every saddle has some aspect of discomfort.  The challenge is getting each saddle on the right bike, in the right position, to create the least amount of discomfort.  And that doesn’t even consider shorts and padding.

Distance: 18.7 miles  2011: 1313.5


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