Ride Report: 10.16.11

Took a night ride on a familiar route just to stretch my legs.  It was a busy and very breezy weekend, so riding time was at a premium.

I also spent some time working on the Bianchi project.  I had to switch around some tires on a few bikes to get things to fit, but now we’re set with a pair of 35mm on the wheels.  The cockpit is done, and there is a new set of Tektro Big Mouth calipers.  I still need to workout the drive train, although I think I have the derailers available.  I’m looking for an inexpensive mountain triple with 175 cranks, and an 8-speed rear cassette is on backorder.   I think I found a decent chain that will fit.  

Final issue is to figure out what sized seat post was on this bad boy.  The old one measures 27.0, but it was incredibly tight and had to be cut out.  I’m thinking that a 26.8 might be the best bet, but I need to find one to try out.

To fit the wheels in properly, I had to “cold set” the fork and frame yesterday.  It’s rare to cold set a fork, but this one was tight for some reason.  Honestly, just grabbing the dropouts and giving them a tug solved the problem.  Given that success, I used the same brutal system on the chainstays, and got a reasonable fit from 125mm to 130mm.  Afterwards, the wheel dropped right in.  So much for running a plumb line and alligning everything.

Distance: 11 miles  2011: 1294.8


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