New Project

Started working in earnest on the Bianchi frame for my son(s) last night.  Basically, stripping it down in order to swap out parts and service.  The stem and the seat tube were not greased before assembly.  I was able to muscle out the stem, but the seat post is going to be a major project.  Sheldon to the rescue.

Until I can find some decent street tires, I’m going to try the Kenda 42c cross knobbies that I have.  By eyeballing it, I’m guessing that they’ll fit in the frame, but I have doubts whether a pair of big mouth calipers will reach around them- but it’s worth a shot.

I pulled a threadless stem adapter off the Cannondale, and mounted up the Kalloy bars and long stem that I had put on the X bike, just to see how it looks and feels.  Its big, of course, but the bike feels good.  I’ll try to remember to snap some pics tonight.

and the X bike is back to drop bars.   The cockpit height is maxed out by moving the last two spacers, so it also feels pretty good.  I’m hoping for a longish ride this weekend to dial it back in.  I keep thinking, though, that this bike needs V-brakes too.  It just doesn’t have the stopping power of the Trucker.


3 responses to “New Project

  1. I love Bianchis. I look forward to seeing how that project bike turns out!

  2. I have some creme Delta Cruisers if you want to try them. They certainly aren’t getting any use around here.

    • I’ll take you up on that. The 42c’s are just a tad too large. I got the seat post out tonight, but I had to use the nuclear option (hacksaw).

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