Ride Report: 10.04.11

The warm weather and sunshine has returned!  The event deserved a nice ride out Lisburn Road and return along the Yellow Breeches.  I stopped at one point to take some snaps of the sunset, but the latch on the battery cover for the camera had recently broken off and the camera would not power up without it being closed tight.  When I got home a piece of duct tape solved the problem.  Pics next time.

At dusk, deer were everywhere and not too concerned with me riding by.  After dark, it was amusing to hear them running from the roadside, but not being able to see them.

I did something stupid in Lewisberry near the end of the ride because there was an unusual amount of traffic on the main street and I was trying to get out of the way.  To the person I almost pulled out in front of because I didn’t look, I apologize.  To the person behind me who laid on the horn because you needed to get somewhere 15 seconds faster than I was letting you, you need to switch to decaf.

After the ride I did some wrenching.  I’m switching the X bike back to the drop bars.  It’s almost done, but the star nut self destructed and I need to pick up a new one.  I also started on the Bianchi in earnest and began to inventory parts that I’ll need for the build.  It looks like I’ll need some Big Mouth brakes to go from 27″ to 700 rims, and a complete drive train.  I’d like to go with a mountain triple which I think will provide a wide range for my son.  And I also need to find a good set of reliable tires.  Looking at this frame, I feel pretty confident that something up to 40c will fit without fenders.  Despite some beausage and faded decals, it’s a really nice frame.

Distance: 17.4 miles  2011: 1244.2


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