Ride Report: 09.25.11

I’ve managed to take a series of short rides lately, but nothing of real note.  The weather during September has been terrible, so riding this past month was at an all time low.  Its effected my fitness level, so some short casual rides are in order.

I think having all of the water pooling about has created a “bloom” of gnats.  The other night at dusk I was literally covered with them. 

I’ve decided finally that the drop bars are going back on the X bike.  The upright bars will be going on another project – a 62-3 cm Bianchi frame that the Sloth came up with that I can build up for my youngest son.  Its lugged steel with impressive tire clearance.  I’m going to strip off the parts, clean it up, and cold set the chainstays this week.  I’ve got most of the parts except the drive train already.  Should be a fun bike.

In other news, my oldest son has been recruited for an elite-level volleyball team.  If its anything like soccer, its going to consume our lives/schedules for the next six months.  The payoff is that we’ve already been told that there will be college scouts at next week’s practices.  This is going to be a learning experience for all of us.

I’m hoping that the weather cooperates and I can get out for more short rides, more often.  The cooler temperatures has me thinking about camping as well.

Distance: 18.9 miles  2011: 1205.1


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