Ride Report: 09.18.11

Took a couple of laps last night just to work my legs.  On Saturday we picked up our new washer and dryer and brought them home.  They’re in the garage for now (the washer is hooked up since we have hot water out there) while we replace the old tile floor in the laundry room. 

After busting my butt last night trying to remove the floor tiles, I thought I’d have to buy a special tool to get this job done.  However through the miracle of Youtube, I now see that all I need is my wife’s iron.  She’s not shy about using my tools, so turnabout should be fair play.

Saturday afternoon we went up to New Cumberland to help a friend and his neighbor clean up from the flood.  I feel bad for complaining about a lousy 5 ” of water in our basement.  They had water up to the kitchen counters, and everything below that had to go.  The walls are gutted and now they are just waiting for things to dry out.  I’m not sure I could handle that, but these guys are just plugging away, doing what they have to do.

Finally, yesterday afternoon I spent sitting and watching Ave workout in an open gym session for Yorktowne Volleyball club.  His high school coach wants him to do this in the off season.  It was funny seeing him walk into a room with 40 other kids as tall as him.  He had a good session, but he didn’t eat enough and bonked part of the way through.  Next time he’ll do better.

So more rain in the forecast, and we’ve got so much work piled up I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to ride again.  Gotta just keep plugging away and take advantage of the moment…

Distance: 7 miles  2011: 1186.2


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