Ride Report: 09.01.11

‘took a ride out to the campus at dusk on the LHT.  Beautiful evening and met up with a large pack of roadies making their way back to Mechanicsburg.  It was interesting because I spotted at least one woman in the group holding her own, and there was a bent rider bringing up the rear – but hanging right with the group.

Roadies need to learn about B&M lights and the whole solid v. flashing thing.

I thought that I was keeping my pace down pretty good, but my legs are hamburger this morning.  Ugh.

Misc. Miles:  4.2

Distance: 22.1 miles  2011: 1164


2 responses to “Ride Report: 09.01.11

  1. Flashing lights are the worst. During the day, a flashing taillight may be useful. At night, not so much. A solid taillight and pedal reflectors, IMHO, are a much better solution. Flashing headlights should be illegal. In fact, I wouldn’t care if flashing lights of all sorts were illegal.

    A couple month ago I purchased a Bontrager headlight at the evil LBS. The salesdude wouldn’t stop going on and on about the cool flashing feature. Even after I said I’d take it, he was still drooling over the seizure inducer.

    I think the problem with roadies, and quite a few other bicyclists, is that they’ve been told, probably by Bicycling magazine, that certain things are better and safer. Reflective vests, magical foam hats, eye pain inducing colors, blinkies, and a bunch of other crap that doesn’t make any difference. I’m almost positive that it’s all knee jerk nonsense.

    Rant off.

  2. “Sooner or later, we’re all just old men in funny clothes.” T. Bone Wolk

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