Andiamo Skins

I’ve been having issues earlier this summer with saddle sores.  Nothing major, but when I get up to 40-50 miles, it’s common to raise a blister/sore in the sit bone area – usually on the right side for whatever reason.

My theory is that moisture is the culprit.  Saddle adjustments have a positive effect to a point, making the fit as comfortable as possible, but in the end, it’s sweat and heat that raise havoc.

I’m approaching this from a couple of angles.  I was using a good slathering of vaseline before a ride, but that can get messy.  I also purchased a bottle of Anti-Monkey Butt, which is basically corn starch and calamine.  I believe it helps, but it only lasts so long, and I have to remember to re-apply after 15-20 miles.

Another thing I’m looking into are better shorts.  In the summer, I use Liquigels, which have a heavy spongy pad.  They work well, until the pad gets saturated.  On very long rides, I had success with carrying a second pair, and stopping at a restroom to change; but that is often impractical on many morning rides.

Recently, I bought a pair of Andiamo Skins at Pedal Pushers.  Basically, they are padded underwear.  The benefit is that they are cheaper than full fledged shorts, and you can wear them underneath slacks or street shorts, or in colder weather, unpadded tights.  They don’t really offer any better saddle sore protection than the Liquigels, but they do pack up compact and offer additional “fashion options.”  For that alone, given their overall comfort, they are worth taking a look at.

As for the original problem, I’m hoping that the cooler weather might help.  I’m also going to look into some wool shorts that have a natural chamois pad.  Unfortunately, they look really pricey.

How do you prevent saddle sores?


3 responses to “Andiamo Skins

  1. I must have a calloused ass…….on occasion, I will ride 30 to 40 miles in jeans with boxer underwear with no ill effects. I’ve been riding pretty much non stop since I was 5 years old, so that might be part of it 🙂

  2. There are times when I wonder if I should just forget about “bike shorts” and do longer rides in street clothes. My concern is that, a. cotton briefs would get clammy, and b. I don’t want to prematurely wear out the arse of my Walmart special shorts. A lot of guys seem to like Riv’s MUSA gear, which is basically better made clothing sans pads.

  3. When I had a Brooks saddle, I would wear MUSA (or other synthetic, thin shorts) with synthetic boxer briefs. I was good up to about 60-65 miles without any problems, most of the time.

    I tried wool too, but for me the synthetics wicked better, which meant they worked better. (For all the claims I have read, and there have been many, that wool wicks moisture, in my experience it absolutely does not.)

    At the moment, I’m not using a Brooks. I use regular lycra shorts … and it IS important to have good quality shorts. Are the Liquigels gel chamois? I would think that wouldn’t breathe as well as a normal chamois.

    For me the key to comfort and saddle sore prevention is Chamois Buttr. I’ve heard other, more expensive types are better, but for me the $15 tube lasts for quite a while and definitely helps. I’ve had to reapply on century or longer rides, but even then it’s not usually necessary.

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