Ride Report: 08.29.11

Ugh.  I finally got the X bike out for some decent miles last night.  Overall, I’m going to give my changes to the bike a C-.  I’ve actually managed to make the bike worse than it was before.

The problem is that everything is too cramped.  The sweep-back is a good angle, but they bring the grips back much further than where the hoods used to be.  This results in my arms being more vertical and somehow putting more weight on my wrists.  I also feel like I can’t apply as much power because my upper body is more compressed.  Coming out of the saddle for climbing is really awkward.

By being more upright, the Selle Titanico saddle is also less comfortable.  It feels like there is more weight on the sit bones, whereas before the weight was distributed between my hands, my feet, and my arse.

So at this point, I’m considering two options:  first is to come up with an uber-long stem – like around 130-140mm.  That would push the grips far enough forward I wouldn’t feel bunched up.  Second is to just go back to the drops and continue to fine tune.  The neck/stiffness issue might just be a matter of riding in that position more often and gradually increasing the time in the saddle.  I have some other frames to build up that the cockpit can go on.

On the plus side, the bike is still responsive, given the weight and the short wheelbase, and the shifting is crisp and accurate.  While things were apart, I swapped out the 22 granny for a 26, which is plenty low for this bike.

So I’m going to keep at it and see what comes.

Distance: 17.6 miles  2011:  1137.7


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