Ride Report: 08.27.11

My plan was to get in a moderate ride on the X Bike with the drop bars to make a final decision on whether to tough it out or to switch to upright bars once and for all.  I have been doing some short jaunts that felt comfortable, but that can all change once you hit the 25 mile mark and my neck gets stiff from “looking up” for the last two hours.

The pre-hurricane forecast called for sun, but with increasing winds, and a random shower in the morning.  I got about seven miles out when the sky opened up with a downpour.  That wasn’t so bad, but I also suffered a mechanical with the cable slipping on the front derailler and ending up in the granny.

Fortunately, I was able to bail under a porch roof to wait out the rain, but I couldn’t get the cable screw tight enough.  I was able to manually move the chain to the middle ring and make it home before it started raining again.

It didn’t qualify as a long enough ride, but I was now stuck inside during a day’s worth of downpour, and I had all of the parts to make the switch.

As far as the bike goes, all I really need now is a small bar end mirror.  As far as I go, I need to get used to it.  After being stretched out on this bike, I now feel bunched up.  A longer stem might be in order.  The indexed shifting works flawlessly, but this also will take a little time to get used to.

The bike is still quick and rides well, but the bars are narrower than either the former drops or the Albatross’ on the LHT, and coming out of the saddle to climb is awkward.

All in due time…I’m hoping to get some miles on it this week.

Distance: 15 miles  2011: 1120.1


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