Ride Report: 08.20.11

Coffee run.

I was hoping to get in a longer ride this morning, but my legs felt heavy and I just wasn’t into it.  Some cooler air greeted me leaving the house which felt great, but I had no real destination.  By default, I headed out to Williams Grove, and toodled around a bit.  At this point I decided that cutting the ride short was in order instead of just beating myself up by doing big miles for the sake of miles.

A turn took me into the old park where some exploration was in order.  I was a little bummed to discover that my grandparents’ old cottage had been leveled.  Near the end it had been converted into the park office.

When my daughter first started at Messiah, she came home one weekend and was excited to tell us about “this old amusement park” that she and her friends had discovered.  They would go over after dark and climb the abandoned roller coaster.  Boy, did I have some stories to tell her.

The adjoining picnic area is still active, and is now operated by a steam engine club.  It looks like they are getting ready for their annual gathering in the next week or so.  There is all kinds of equipment sitting around and a lot of people doing work to the grounds and railroad track.

From here I took the J2 route over to Dillsburg and stopped to rest my legs and enjoy a cup of coffee and some people watching.

I’d seen this place dozens of times, even on other blogs by randonneurs who used it as a checkpoint; but I had never stopped in before.  It’s a nice touch for this small rural town.

On the ride home I started seeing more bikers, including a group of roadies that had stopped to wait for stragglers.  I thought they would catch me, but I managed to drop them on the way to Rossville without even trying.  Like I said, my legs were heavy and I wasn’t pushing it too hard.

By the time I got home it was starting to get muggy and the temps had risen to the low ’80’s.  Still a nice ride with no particular place to go.

Distance: 32.2 miles  2011:  1083.9


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