Ride Report: 08.14.11

I’m back!  The fam spent a week in Newark on a missions trip with World Impact.  I ended up: renovating an inner city playground, hanging out with some daycare kids, working to clean up and rehab an old school, sorting clothes at a mission thrift store, and climbing a lot of steps everyday. 

It wasn’t until the middle of the week that someone told me that red bandanas are a gang sign (Bloods).  Fortunately, we were in Bloods territory and no one bothered us, so I either wasn’t considered a serious threat, or I am now a member of the brotherhood.

Seriously, the biggest concern raised by our hosts was the gang violence and how kids are being killed over gang turf issues, drugs, “respect”, etc…  The city is cleaner than Harrisburg, but it is real easy to get a sense of the poverty.  I know that a one week visit doesn’t do much more than make us feel all warm and fuzzy, but I’m glad we could do a little bit to make things better.  My hat’s really off to those that have chosen to live there and become part of the solution.

During downtime, I finished reading The Primal Blueprint.  He makes some claims about how are diet effects our genes, which I don’t buy into; but I do like how he melds a low carb diet with some exercise premises that I’ve read before in high performance training plans.  Only, he is saying it applies to everyone.

The irony is that my week was full of carbs, which highlights the fact of how tough it is to eat a low carb diet when everyone and everything is focused on them.  This past month I started gaining again, so now that I am back home I’ve redoubled my efforts to get back on track.  I’m hoping that with the diet and some riding, I can lose around two pounds a week for the next month or so.

Speaking of riding, he advocates a lot of low intensity exercise.  It helps build a base (55-75%MaxHR) without burning carbs, and thus making you hungry.  You’re then supposed to do occasional sprint workouts, and some weight traininng.  This is exactly the regimen for the SERIOUS training for aerobic athletes that worked so well with rowing.  So based on my success with that, and my success with the low carb diet (he’s not as strict as Atkins/Taube), I hope to shed more pounds.

I started back in last night with a low level ride.  I stopped twice: once to pick up a pair of wood clamps along the road, and once to pick up a brand new left handed work glove that matches the almost new right handed work glove at home.  Despite the thunderstorm warnings in the next county and the threatening sky, it was a pleasant ride with the temps back down in the 80’s and 70’s.

I’m hoping to build my base back up after getting in so little riding recently, and try to carve out some time for some longer rides and some late summer/early fall S24O’s.  It’s strange getting back into school mode already.

Misc. Miles: 13.1

Distance: 17.5 miles  2011: 1016.7


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