There’s Something Happenin’ Here…

People are riding more in Harrisburg.

First is the obvious.  There are more commuters.  I don’t have any data, but just what I see.  There is the normal retinue of city folks getting around on box store mountain bikes and old ten speeds with the drop bars rotated upwards; and then there are the ever increasing groups of hybrids with panniers, blinkies, and neon vests.  They’re crossing the bridges and traversing Riverfront Park.  There may also be a few more roadie types coming in from points beyond.

‘not sure where they are coming from, but the two bike racks in the underground garage in my building are full.

Those bike racks on the front of the CAT buses are being used more and more.  The other day I saw a bus go by with two MTBs clamped in.

I”ve got radar tuned into Surlys.  There are probably four LHTs in town that I spot regularly – two of them use Commonwealth Avenue to get to spots downtown, and one guy who I’ve seen in Mechanicsburg leaves the city via Riverfront Park to Market Street every evening.

There are two nice folders, one a Dahon Curve, that I spot regularly: one on the bridge in the morning, and the second going up Sixth Street in the afternoon.

The other day there was a guy locking up a belt-drive IGH machine to a street sign near my building.

We went to a Senators Game a few weeks back and had to dodge the bike taxis while crossing the Walnut Street Bridge.

And last but not least, some guy bought a trike with an ice box and is selling ice cream out of a bike.

Slowly but surely, it’s coming!


2 responses to “There’s Something Happenin’ Here…

  1. We need to get coordinated, and get some advocacy going on!

    • Given the ‘burg’s economic straits, investing in a cycling infrastructure creates some compelling issues. By selling off money making assets like the parking garages, and having no funds for street repairs kind of takes the emphasis off of cars. Could you imagine a continuous pedestrian/bike mall extending from Front and 2nd, up 2nd to Forster; and then on Market from Front to 5th? Bike taxis galore!

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